Quality Policy

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution

We offer products that are in compliance with the required standards, be it national or international. We achieve this by procuring materials from our trusted sources that ensure raw materials of supreme quality. Quality is pivotal to Dhananjay Metal and therefore we have set up a Quality Assurance System that fortifies us from making any mistakes. All our offerings are dimensionaly accurate and our stringent norms and safeguards help us to exceed our cur customers’ expectations.

We have strict and compulsory quality norms set up against which accordance is checked through general reviews and self-appraisals and outsider inspections. These steps guarantee that we fabricate and supply items that are of brilliant quality and fit in with the important business and administrative measures in the nations in which we work.

We carry out a number of tests at our facilities that are equipped with the state of the art technology and modern testing machines for both destructive and non-destructive testing. Our equipments and machinery used for these purposes are all government approved and are calibrated by the regular agencies. All of these tests are conducted under the supervision of our professional workforce who make sure that everything is in compliance with the Quality Assurance System set up across departments



  • We, at Dhananjay Metal, value loyalty and integrity above all else. And we support and follow these values at each and every step of our progress. We work in collaboration with our employees, internal as well as external, to set challenging targets and achieve them on time.
  • We train all our employees from time to time, in recent and upcoming technologies to empower them and help them perform better so as to serve our customers better.
  • We believe in offering the products of the utmost quality, to all our customers at affordable prices. We strive to be the largest supplier of the finest quality material. We work towards achieving this goal by involving our customers in the early process of design and development.
  • We focus on creating a long term relationship with all our clients by regularly monitoring customer satisfaction and helping resolve customer concerns.
  • We aspire to become the most respected brand in the entire industry and we work towards this goal by focusing on continuously improving our efficiencies, by maximizing productivity and reducing costs, and all of this is done by analyzing our past data to secure a better future growth